Latin Vacation!
Your extra credit assignment for Latin consists of two parts.  Before you begin these assignments, sign up for Remind 101 (I believe you simply text the message @mrklompa to 360-529-3454.)  Do this and I’ll try to send a reminder to complete this assignment over the summer.  I may use this reminder service to send other information about the class/assignment and/or to circumvent any Latin emergencies you may have this summer.   Without these texts, you may drown in your Latin book!  Or fall off a Latin cliff!  Or sink in Latin quicksand!  Sign up now to avoid the Latin paramedics arriving at your door!  This is a one-way texting service for me to send blanket texts.  You won’t be able to text me back and I won’t be able to respond to you (or harass you!)

Pars I
Read through the Colloquia for your level of Latin. Highlight all unfamiliar words and grammar.  Use your dictionary, Whitaker Words, and/or Google Translate to create new margin notes for all unfamiliar vocabulary and grammar (there should be a significant number of new margin notes on each page!)  Translate into English.  Honors level should translate back into Latin.

Pars II
Purchase or check out a copy of Wheelock’s Latin Grammar, available from at this link: 
Used copies are fine.  Any edition is fine.  Read through the appropriate chapters for your level of Latin (Latin 1: Chapters 1-8; Latin 2: Chapters 9-16; Latin 3: Chapters 17-24.)  Complete all exercises and translations at the end of each chapter.  Note well:  the order of cases for Wheelock’s Latin Grammar is nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, ablative.  The order of cases in our textbook is nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, ablative.  Be sure to memorize the charts in our order, NOT the Wheelock order.

Bring both assignments to our first day of class in September and receive 100% extra credit on your first chapter test (50% for each assignment.)  You will receive credit only for superior work (clear, consistent, convincing evidence of hard work and careful study.)

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