Just thought I'd let you know of a couple of cool things that happened to me at college the last two weeks that made me remember your classes. In my Linguistics class I had studied for a test, and then I missed the day before the test due to a terrible illness. I got to class on test day, still believing that I'd have to take the test I studied for. Turns out that the teacher changed the test we were taking that day, and handed out a test I wasn't prepared for at all! I looked at the words and didn't recognize them at first. Suddenly, I realized that they all had Latin/Greek roots I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for your class! Phonetic, orthography, bilabial, and palatal are all killers at first glance! I got the test back with full points. :)

In my Medieval Literature class we began Dante's Inferno, which is more of a review for me, and I don't necessarily have to read it closely to be able to participate in the class discussion. However, since all the chapters (cantos) are written in Roman numerals, my teacher handed out a Roman numeral 101 sheet and quizzed us on it, which I aced without studying!!!

So, just in case you have any students who don't want to take Latin because they don't think it will be very 'useful' in their future, you ought to tell them to THINK AGAIN! :)

Thanks for preparing me for the unexpected!
-Andrya Long

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